2006 FORD EXPLORER, WHITE (20060624)

Auction closed for price: $2,500.00
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27th of June 2019 at 3:03 PM
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Odometer: 131086

PRPD Inspection Notes: Ask additional information at the viewing date

Viewing Dates: 6/28/19 to 7/9/19
Closing date: 7/10/19

Comments: Several Scratches, Dents and Bad Paint areas.

* Prime Air or FBI are not responsible for any issues regarding PRPD Observations and any Hacienda Liabilities


Additional Information: Every vehicle has to go through PRPD Departments to finish the inspection before being registered.

It is your responsibility to inspect prior bidding and Bring Deposit ($500)

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Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
wade22446688$2,500.0010-Jul-2019 08:02:24Yes
autoshowdesanjuan$2,351.0010-Jul-2019 08:01:54 
wade22446688$2,300.0010-Jul-2019 08:01:06 
autoshowdesanjuan$2,201.0010-Jul-2019 07:58:55 
wade22446688$2,150.0010-Jul-2019 07:58:14 
autoshowdesanjuan$2,051.0010-Jul-2019 07:57:37 
wade22446688$2,000.0010-Jul-2019 07:55:50 
autoshowdesanjuan$1,760.0010-Jul-2019 07:55:21 
wade22446688$1,700.0010-Jul-2019 07:53:55 
autoshowdesanjuan$1,560.0010-Jul-2019 07:53:02 
wade22446688$1,500.0010-Jul-2019 07:28:22 
fmoreno$1,400.0010-Jul-2019 06:08:30 
wade22446688$1,300.0003-Jul-2019 21:11:29 
Brenda$1,100.0003-Jul-2019 18:53:57 
wade22446688$1,000.0002-Jul-2019 15:15:59 
Brenda$800.0002-Jul-2019 14:16:18 
Ernesto$700.0001-Jul-2019 15:13:01 
wade22446688$550.0029-Jun-2019 06:47:25 
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